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1 of 4: The Alchemy of Creative Living

1 of 4: The Alchemy of Creative Living

A meditative and creative workshop

Hi friends,

For the next four (4) weeks, I’m sharing The Alchemy of Creative Living, a course that I’ve been working on with Insight Timer. The series will be open to everyone through August. I hope you enjoy this first session as a stand-alone practice or as a creative catalyst. Links to subsequent sessions are below.

Week 1: Releasing comparison & competition (open to all subscribers)

Time: 15 minutes

No supplies needed

Reflection question: How does this practice change your perspective on your own work or that of others?

Week 2: Learning how to ground & focus despite distractions

Time: 12 minutes

Bring a notebook & your attention


Week 3: Methods for keeping creative momentum

Time: 13 minutes

Get ready to write!


Week 4 (8/15): Your unique creative voice

Time: 10 minutes

Hey, get that notebook again!


I hope you enjoy and appreciate this offering. I hope it offers you a little new perspective as you embark on whatever creative journey you’re on. Comment below if you have questions or feedback.

xo Jen


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Here we are
Here are a few of my practices. Most of these meditations are found on either Aura or Insight Timer.