Aug 13 • 8M

4 of 4: The Alchemy of Creative Living

Your unique gifts . . . let's move forward

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Jen Knox
All things writing, meditation, philosophy and leadership
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Week 4: Your unique creative voice

(if you haven’t completed previous weeks, start here: Day 1)

Time: 10 minutes

Hey, get that notebook again!

Dear friends,

I am heading back from a trip to Alberta, where I met a good friend and so many kind people in Calgary. It was lovely to meet these Canadian Rocky Mountains. What a creative and soulful boost for my birthday.

But if you’re like me, you’ll need a little fortitude as we approach the fall months and commitments swell.

This week’s installment is like an SOS for creative stuckness. A reminder that you have a creative why even if it’s not clearly defined in your mind, even if the how is inaccessible.

I hope you enjoyed this series!

If you’re a paid subscriber, you should be able to download and replay them as needed. Let me know how these meditations and short exercises worked for you.